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FDLR180 – Round, 0.92., D VS1

D Color VS1 Clarity Ideal Cut
Graded by IGI View Grading Report
Rp 39.750.000Rp 27.825.000

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18k White Gold

Gold Weight: 3.129gr

Diamonds: 1 RD = 0.92ct

D Color.VS1 Clarity.Ideal.EX.EX.None

IGI 524245306

Ring Size: 14 (HK Size)

Diamonds Information

Shape Round
Carat 0.92
Color D
Clarity VS1
Cut Ideal
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Fluorescence None
L/W (mm) 6.27x6.33x3.80 MM
L/W Ratio
Certificate IGI

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Current Diamond

FDLR180 - Round, 0.92., D VS1

Rp 39.750.000 Rp 27.825.000  
Carat 0.92
Color D
Clarity VS1
Cut Ideal
Better Color

1.1 carat D VS1 Round Ideal Diamond

Rp 52.133.714 Rp 36.493.600 (+Rp 8.668.600)
Carat 1.1
Color D
Clarity VS1
Cut Ideal
Better Clarity

1.06 carat E VVS2 Round Ideal Diamond

Rp 51.783.726 Rp 36.248.608 (+Rp 8.423.608)
Carat 1.06
Color E
Clarity VVS2
Cut Ideal

1 carat F VS1 Round Ideal Diamond

Rp 42.290.286 Rp 29.603.200 (+Rp 1.778.200)
Carat 1
Color F
Clarity VS1
Cut Ideal

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Carat : 0.92

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, which is directly proportional to its size. Use the sliders to see how sizes are shown in relation to the hand.

Availability in our pre-order inventory list starts from 0.7 carats. To get the best value, get an oversized diamond (like a 0.9carat instead of a 1-carat diamond or a 1.8carat instead of a 2-carat diamond). They look very similar but you can definitely save much more.

Color : D

We recommend colors ranging from D to J.

The top three colors would be D, E, and F, which are considered "colorless". However, purchasing a G Color diamond would give you great value because G Color diamonds are considered near colorless and it is very difficult to tell apart F and G Color diamonds.

Clarity : VS1

We recommend clarity grades of VVS1 up to SI1.

We definitely recommend getting a VS2 clarity diamond because it provides the most value while still being eye-clean, as in you would not be able to see the flaws or inclusions with the naked eye. It is impossible to tell the difference between a VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2 diamond without a loupe (kekeran), and this can only be done by professionals. It is better to prioritize color and compromise on clarity.


We always recommend getting the highest cut grade possible (Ideal or Excellent).

"Ideal" is the highest possible cut grade for diamonds certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) and "Excellent" is the highest possible cut grade for diamonds certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). There are no cut grades for diamond shapes other than round (such as pears and ovals), but you don't have to worry because we only source the best diamonds.

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